The Village Underground presents the greatest most dynamic live music in New York. The Underground has become the one room in the City that all musicians want to play – so we have only the best. Talented, charismatic, fun, and never boring – you can’t have a bad time at the Underground. This video will give you a taste, we hope you like it. If you have any comments PLEASE email us.

Wednesday and Thursday

Playing vintage rock and R&B, funk, reggae and healthy dose of world and even country music; presented with happiness and humor. Our famous band – The Village Underground - will have you singing at your table, and swaying in the aisles. Featuring Jason Murden, Amanda Brown, Colin Smith, Rahj, Eddy Zack, Franco Morillo and many more.  Wed and Thur: 9:30.  Friday: 10:15

Comedy Reservations

For Comedy Reservations, go to rklivesquare

Mondays – Cheryl Pepsii Singers and Musicians Jam

Thumbnail image for Mondays – Cheryl Pepsii Singers and Musicians Jam

$12.00 Cover. Our own New York treasure, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, hosts her famous Jam session.  Cheryl and her band do the first set, and then a stream of gifted musicians sit in.  Spontaneity rules! Read More About Monday Nights